Is there a cure for acid reflux otherwise called heartburn?

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we call ir GERD(gastroesophageal reflax disfunction)…fisrt if u have over weight u have to try to count it down…if u are smoker its better if u decrease the number of it per day…..secound u have to have right nutrition program…..u have to have ur nake before dinner and lunch….dont eat spicy food for routine and dont drink(drink rare) the things which are with gas like pepsi ,coke and others……when u have ur food its better to dont do these things since one or 2 hrs past…. 1 take bath 2 excersising 3 having fruits 4 smokin 5 having dark cafe 6 luind down or sleep some of them guide ur blood to other parts of ur body like skin and another make ur stomac acid getting rise….another thing is dont wear tight clothes which will keep ur stomach part under pressure …thats all i know u have to do and dont have to do without using medicament…..but if u wanna use drug although u will attention to all above …the best drug is Omeprazole …thats capsul u have to have it in the morning,30 mins before u have ur break fast when u are fasting …..thats only one per day… will decrease ur stomach acid…the other medicament are like ranitidin ,cimethidine…..u have to take them twice a day one 30 mins before ur lunch another one one hr before u go to bed for sleep at night……the other one is some suspontion like AL_Mgs ,one spoon 30 mins after lunch and dinner….i advice u to do one week what i notice above it u dont feel any better then start omeprazole frist …..the other thing….maybe of GERD have a reason of the bactria named H.Pylori(helicobacter pylori) the specialist can find that by indoscopy and take a biopsy…

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