I have bad pregnancy heartburn and don’t want to take Tums. What can I do?

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Is there anything else? Tums seem to make it worse.

You can Try A Glass Of Milk. Also I have heard eating celery Helps. Maybe Try Some Yogurt Or Try Something else Like Zantec Which is safe during pregnancy.

Anyone have any good remedies for pregnancy induced heartburn?

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I have heartburn 24/7 and its getting a little ridiculous. Please help me!!!!


I have to watch what i eat – I use tums and rolaids, but they don’t really do it for me – the best thing I have found is to only eat what doesn’t give me heartburn – mostly white things – seriously – sounds funny, but that’s how it’s been working out. I can have a turkey grinder instead of pizza or meatballs… I eat white rice for lunch or dinner – yogurt is fine, bananas, nothing artificial in sweeteners – no candy, meat as long as it’s not marinated – mostly chicken (lol white), milk, bread….. I suffer from it greatly, and as long as I keep it simple like that I do better – don’t eat too close to bed time either – I don’t eat past 5pm. I also know that aloe juice works too – I used it with my first, but I don’t have access to it now – I used to get it through a health and wellness group – you might be able to find it – if you do, it def. works – tastes nasty, but works. good luck ?

What I can take to stop my heartburn during my pregnancy?

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This is my second pregnancy and the symptoms are worst then the first. What can I take to stop my heartburn. Milk isn’t helping. I had a corn muffin this morning and throat felt like it was on fire. A simple corn muffin. HELP!!!

Bananas do the same thing to me… w/every pregnancy I’ve had! I feel you hun… Tums usually worked for me, but in moderation. I only took one at a time and only when absolutely necessary. If you’re not sure about taking meds (even Tums) a bottle of room temp water may work for you. You may have to pee more, but at least the heartburn will be gone! Good luck to you and baby!

Question about pregnancy heartburn and vomiting?

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I have been vomiting several times today (22 weeks pregnant) and it has caused very bad heartburn that hurts and I can not get comfortable from it. I need to take something for the heartburn but the thought of the eating tums makes me want to vomit more. Is there anything else that I can take to relieve the HB, that might not make me vomit?

drinking milk will help!

Has anyone changed their diet to stop or curb pregnancy heartburn? ?

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I’m not even eating foods that would normally cause heartburn but I wake up in the middle of the night a few times a day with my thoat on fire.

What did you do or change in order to stop heartburn during pregnancy?

Get some zantac or ranitidine. It will help better then changing your diet. I couldn’t even drink water without getting heartburn or acid burning up.

Does milk help in pregnancy heartburn?

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I am 30 weeks pregnant and for 2-3 days now, I wake up in the middle of the night with heartburn and sweating. Someone said milk will help. I will call up my doc tomorrow but wanted a general opinion. Will milk help? What are other household remedies (dont wanna drug myself with meds)

It will help but only for a short time. Good luck

when did you start getting heartburn during your pregnancy?

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i dont know for sure if i am pregnant or not YET.
but im just asking for past experiances for now. (i just want to make that clear)

but anyways, i feel like im getting heartburn, and even if i was pregnant, is it normal to get heartburn during the really early-ish weeks of your pregnancy?

it also just happens for a couple minutes and goes away?

thanks 🙂


I had it in the very beginning but it tapered off. Its just now coming back at 16 weeks.

Is there a remedy for pregnancy heartburn?

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I’ve tried the tums
I’ve tried milk
I’ve tried elevating my head
I’ve tried cold water

Is there anything else?

HA! Good luck. I had the most horrible heartburn ALL THE TIME when I was preggers with my baby boy. I finally had to tell the OB and get prescription pills for it (totally safe btw) because I literally felt like I was dying of what a heart attack must feel like. I tried all different brands of Tums-like OTC medicines, I ate tons of ice cream (says it cools it, normally it does but not with my pregger-HB), didn’t lay down after eating, drank water, chewed peppermint gum, drank milk, drank~yes DRANK!~Pepto Bismal…the list goes on and on. If no "home" remedies work just ask the Doc, I’m sure they can scribe you something safe that works.

Good luck!

Is there anything that works for heartburn later in pregnancy?

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I am 35 weeks with twins and I have terrible heartburn ALL THE TIME. I know this is just a part of pregnancy I have to deal with, but is there anything that helps? I am only getting about three hours of sleep every night because of this. My doctor gave me a prescription for pepcid. It worked for a while, but i think my body is use to it now or something because it does not work at all anymore. Any help would be appreciated!

Two home remedies I have heard for heartburn are drink water which dilutes the acid or eat plain bread which soaks up the acid. I have also heard that eating smaller, more frequent meals keeps the stomach from getting too full and therefore cuts down on heartburn. I hope you feel better and best of luck with your twins.

How to cure heartburn during my pregnancy?

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I am almost 13 weeks in my 1st pregnancy and believe that I have experienced my first "heartburn" yesterday I ate spaghetti sauce, and around 4 hours after I threw up, and my chest and throat started hurting a little bit after that. Then before I went to sleep once again I threw up, I’ve been pretty much like that today as well, and my chest hurts, and even swallowing my food makes it hard. What can I do to cure it? Also, when should I be concerned about it?

Take tums, also try and drink a glass of milk. Try to avoid acidic things like oj. I had heartburn my whole pregnancy and my baby came out with a ton of hair! Your baby will probably have a lot of hair also. Congrats

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