I have bad pregnancy heartburn and don’t want to take Tums. What can I do?

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Is there anything else? Tums seem to make it worse.

You can Try A Glass Of Milk. Also I have heard eating celery Helps. Maybe Try Some Yogurt Or Try Something else Like Zantec Which is safe during pregnancy.

Are there any at-home remedies for heartburn?

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A nurse friend of mine told me that if you eat dairy that your stomach will make even more acid to compensate for the dairy. Its called rebound heartburn. Check with your doctor if you get this a lot. You could have acid reflux disease. If you don’t treat this you are more susceptible for esophageal cancer. I’m on prilosec for the rest of my life.

GERD/Heartburn cure from Lagadyn?

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I’ve suffered for a while now with GERD which I think has led to mild esophagitis. Mostly now it’s just heartburn issues and pain when swallowing. I’m not a fan of the usual antacid and PPI regimens and I’ve been hoping to find a natural remedy that works.

So, I found this doctor’s website, William Lagadyn, who says he’s found the cure of all cures for heartburn. It’s hard to trust a website that only has nothing but glowing reviews of miraculous results, and frankly I’m just skeptical.

Has anybody tried Lagadyn’s cure? Can anybody give feedback on whether or not it was worth it to spend the twenty bucks on it? I mean, 20 bucks is nothing compared to getting rid of heartburn, and it’s nothing really just to buy the book anyway and give it a shot, but I was just hoping to hear from anyone who has actually tried his "cure".

Also, any feedback or help with GERD/Heartburn would be great too! This left side throat pain when swallowing is getting pretty annoying.


I think it was Dr. Dean Edell on radio who recently suggested the ‘pain in the throat’ (swallowing, sounds same) may be serious and indicates real medical attention is recommended.

Good luck.

Anyone have any good remedies for pregnancy induced heartburn?

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I have heartburn 24/7 and its getting a little ridiculous. Please help me!!!!


I have to watch what i eat – I use tums and rolaids, but they don’t really do it for me – the best thing I have found is to only eat what doesn’t give me heartburn – mostly white things – seriously – sounds funny, but that’s how it’s been working out. I can have a turkey grinder instead of pizza or meatballs… I eat white rice for lunch or dinner – yogurt is fine, bananas, nothing artificial in sweeteners – no candy, meat as long as it’s not marinated – mostly chicken (lol white), milk, bread….. I suffer from it greatly, and as long as I keep it simple like that I do better – don’t eat too close to bed time either – I don’t eat past 5pm. I also know that aloe juice works too – I used it with my first, but I don’t have access to it now – I used to get it through a health and wellness group – you might be able to find it – if you do, it def. works – tastes nasty, but works. good luck ?

what home remedies are good for heartburn?

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my husband always has heartburn but he doesnt like to take pills

just try a glass of milk, it will help to coat the GI tract!

natural heartburn cure help?

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The past few months I have been having terrible heartburn, I have tried everything so far from the chemist but dont like all that rubbish inside my body. Do anyone know a natural heartburn cure?

my brother had gerd for years bad enough to hospitalize him

Then I read about a study done in prison where prisoners where given raw (homemade) cabbage juice and compared to a control group..the prisoners given the cabbage juice all got better.

I told my brother and he began taking raw cabbage juice made in a juicer and completely cured his gerd and it has never returned over 10 years.

you could also try this for ulcers


The book natural cures they don’t want you to know recommends taking 2-3 tbs of raw apple cider vinegar (brands braggs or spectrum from health food store or section of supermarket) at each meal

here are some additional herbs


also search here


some people use baking soda for heartburn


more info here on this


What I can take to stop my heartburn during my pregnancy?

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This is my second pregnancy and the symptoms are worst then the first. What can I take to stop my heartburn. Milk isn’t helping. I had a corn muffin this morning and throat felt like it was on fire. A simple corn muffin. HELP!!!

Bananas do the same thing to me… w/every pregnancy I’ve had! I feel you hun… Tums usually worked for me, but in moderation. I only took one at a time and only when absolutely necessary. If you’re not sure about taking meds (even Tums) a bottle of room temp water may work for you. You may have to pee more, but at least the heartburn will be gone! Good luck to you and baby!

HEARTBURN and it really hurts does any one know what they can do for home remedies?

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gosh i get this heartburn everynight and i am preganet 7months and i have a prescription and taken it with maloxx and its not working and my chest is exploding so bad it hurts any remedies?

Baking soda in water might work, but the relief it provides will be brief.

Go to the store and get some Pepcid (or store brand of famotidine) or Zantac (or store brand of ranitidine). They’re safe to use in pregnancy (Prilosec isn’t) and effective. A dose of either will last about 12 hours.

How can I cure my heartburn and acid reflux?

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Symptoms of Acid Reflux:
Chest pain – part of the heartburn sensation
Dental erosion
Dysphagia – difficulty swallowing
Heartburn – a burning feeling rising from the stomach or lower chest towards the neck
Regurgitation – bringing food back up into the mouth

Causes of Acid Reflux:
The vast majority of people with acid reflux will get better if they make some changes to their diet. Some foods are safe for heartburn sufferers, while others are major triggers of it.

It would be easy to say that there is a reflux diet. Unfortunately, we all react differently to different foods.

Below is a list of foods/drinks that commonly cause irritation and/or heartburn:
Black pepper
Chili and chili powder
Citrus fruit, pineapple
Spicy food
Tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato juice, ketchup

So, in all stay away from a majority of the foods on this list, or just portion them…

What are some home remedies for heartburn….?

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I have heard that vinegar works….is this true?

Apple cider vinegar is supposed to help but some people claim that it actually gives you heartburn.

Pineapple is supposed to help as it contains the enzyme bromelain in the core and that promotes a healthy digestive environment.

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