Heartburn home remedies, any suggestion? I’m sick & tired of prescription?

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heartburn home remedies are best explained in Jeff Martin’s ebook. Check out his Heartburn No More. I found it very informative and mentioned most of the remedies mentioned above

What everyday foods are good for pregnancy heartburn?

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Well folks, I am hitting that third trimester, and the baby is high enough and pushing everything up enough to give me good old heartburn at night.
I just wanted to see what natural suggestions people had for getting rid of the heartburn. This is my second time around and I don’t remember what all I did with my first, besides Tums.

I’m looking for more along the lines of what I should put in dinner to help.

Well Drinking a cup of milk always helps me. I’m 33 wks along and I know all about the heartburn. Another thing you could do would be to try and hold off on your tomato type foods. That’s one of the worse heartburn starters for me bc of the acidicness of anything tomato LOL. Also keep a extra large container of tums by your bed at nite 😉 Water sometimes helped also, or taking a bath. Dunno why but it works for me

Is it really possible to cure heartburn?

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I’ve been reading that there is no permanent solution for heartburn problems. Is it really serious to have heartburn?

Stop eating greasy and chilly/spicy food. Dont go without food for long hours, that causes acidity. Have milk regularly.Avoid heavy dinners. Eat early and have a healthy snack before bed eg fruits/yoghurt.
If problems persist, see a doc.

Any "home remedies" for really bad heartburn?

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I rarely ever get heartburn but I have it really bad tonight and can’t go to sleep. It goes all the way from my lower ribcage up to the top of my throat and is the worst heartburn I’ve ever had in my entire life. (Salsa was the culprit)….what can I do to get rid of it? I don’t have any antacid medicine or pepto bismol or anything and don’t want to go to the store. Any home remedies that’ll do the trick?

May want to try a sip of pickle juice.. has worked for many over the years. Or just eat a pickle.

What’s your remedy for pregnancy heartburn?

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I have terrible heartburn and with my last pregnancy, I took lots of Tums which my doc said was ok, but I was wondering what natural remedies work just as good. Thanks!

Oh-it’s not just spicy foods I have to avoid-I get heartburn from even drinking water!! It’s everything that causes it~

OMG! I know exactly what you mean. Even if I dont eat something (when I went for a glucose test) I get heartburn. I have been drinking milk and that helps tons. And, peppermints also help. I keep those soft ones at my desk and suck on those. But, like you said water even brings it on too. So, I hope these help you. Good luck!

Will 6 Tums cure the heartburn you get from McDonalds?

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I have to eat at McDonalds next week. I am hoping that if I eat a hanful of EXTRA strength Tums it will cure my heartburn. Do I stand a chance of surviving this encounter?


Are there remedies for pregnancy heartburn?

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I’m only 18 weeks along in my second pregnancy and I’m having painful heartburn every evening. Can anybody tell me a remedy or even some advice on avoiding heartburn? Thank you!

Have plenty of really cold milk, icecreams.Avoid tea,coffee, chocolates and biscuits. Have something every half hour, so if yr stomach is not completely empty, you wont have too much production of acidity.

how to fine a cure heartburn or acid congestion?

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HI I’ll like to fine ot a cure for heartburn or acid congestion. I have take a lot of over couter medicen but none of deme have help me. I’ll really apriciet if you can help. on telling me how to get a cure for my problem.

Acid congestion, indigestion, and heartburn come from a lack of stomach acids. Once the body identifies this it tries to over compensate and makes a pool of acids that can reflux into the esophagus. Over the counter medicine stops the production of stomach acid for a period of time causing a flood of stomach acids to be produced once the medicine wears off to better digest food. These medicines can take up to 12-24 hours to completely work. Try a tablespoon of vinegar and see how that works before trying over the counter products. This should replace the acids in your stomach naturally stopping the heartburn within an hour. Unless there is something medically wrong you should be quite pleased with the results.

heartburn- home remedies???

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i have no idea if i have heartburn, but it sure does feel like it. i’ve never had this feeling before in my chest.. and it sure does feel like heartburn. any quick remedies or suggestions as to what it is??
i didnt eat much today except chickfila for lunch and rice soup in the morning. water in between both meals. is this heartburn?? it’s a burning sensation and it makes me feel very uncomfortable around the chest area. im only 25! didnt think i could get heartburn!!!

First off…it probably is heartburn or acid reflux..BUT there is a small possibility it could be related to your heart…and that is nothing to ignore or delay on. Please go see your doctor and have it checked out. If it gets worse today..you may want to go to emergency. 25 year olds can have heart attacks.

Assuming it isn’t try some pepto bismol, gaviscon or maalox from the drug store…if it is acid reflux it should settle down. Also you can get zantac over the counter or losec too I believe which will usually stop acid reflux in its tracks.

Again this is something you should see your doctor over if the condition persists cause acid reflux can damage your esophagus and lead to permanent scarring and precancerous conditions. The good news is that with new medications..such as Proton Pump inhibitors..you can totally control it. Other things to control would be to eliminate spicey foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks, tomato products, alcohol and not eat prior to go to bed. If you can elevate the head of your bed with pillows or books under the feet of the bed that can reduce acid reflux which is usually worse at night.

Good luck.

Pregnancy heartburn?

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I am 24.5 weeks pregnant, and I have REALLY bad heartburn. I tried Tums, but I am on bedrest, and I don’t want to become any more constipated from them. They don’t really work for me anyway. I spoke to my doctor, and she suggested Pepsid AC. That didn’t work either. I will call my doctor in the morning, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for now. I’m not sure what is safe to take, or if there are any natural remedies I can use.
-And I’m lactose intolerant, so I can’t try milk. 🙁

Well I too had very bad heartburn when I was pregnant. Tums didn’t help for me either and I was on bed rest as well. Although I must say that I took a lot of tums and never became constipated. Anyways I had so many tums to the point where when I would take one I would throw up…not to mention they were not helping at all. What I started to do was sleep with two pillows in an upright sort of position. To be honest nothing I took helped me except Zantec. I found that when they say to eat small meals throughout the day it didn’t help and I ate very healthy throughout my pregnancy. What I find did help was taking a zantec before bed and not eating at least 2-3 hours before I went to sleep. It was really hard for me to find something that would help with my heartburn…but these things worked for me.

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